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5 December 2021

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AGM 2021
Welcome everyone. Our Guests today are from the Warren Family History Group in Manjimup.
2021 has been a successful year for the Society:

Special General Meeting

A Special General Meeting was held on Saturday 19th June 2021. Members Elizabeth and Thomas Gerner, Mavis Winfield and Molly Smith were honoured with Life Membership of the Walpole Nornalup and District Historical Society Inc., for their valued contribution to the Society over many years.  Honouring Members

The restored bowser was unveiled by Committee Member Don Burton; the bowser originally from Don’s family farm and was donated by Don’s father. The Society worked with the Walpole Work Camp and with funding support from Walpole Op Shop this restoration project has been a great success. A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Walpole Work Camp and Officer Terry Baker. New book ‘Tracks in the Sand’ by Mark Channer was launched by Jennifer Willcox, at the meeting. Iron Barque ‘Mandalay’ – ‘Mandalay’ was wrecked on 18th May 1911 – 110th Anniversary 1911 – 2021. Mandalay Beach was named after her. A wood piece possibly from the wreck was found on Mandalay Beach in the 1970’s and had been in-care locally, it was donated to the Society prior to the 110th Anniversary and was on display at the meeting. ‘Spiccy Log’ – Conspicuous Log? Mystery of this log was finally solved – With permission from DPaW a sample was taken and analysed and reported to be a Hopea Sangal Tree. A rare tree from the Asian region. The intriguing tale has now been recorded by author Roger Underwood (Conspicuous Log Mystery) and is on WNDHS website A sample of this log was on display at the meeting. Lunch was enjoyed by everyone at the conclusion of the Special General Meeting.  Honouring Days of Old

Between the Trees: Video

An interesting collection of recorded local interviews – The European settlement of Walpole and surrounding districts. Donated by Colin and Holly Story

Book Sales

Book sales  For Sale over the past year have been very pleasing: a re-print of two titles ‘Battling the Karri’ and ‘The Trees You Could Drive Your Car Into’ also a new book ‘Tracks in the Sand’. We are working on other titles and they will be available 2022.


Four issues per year sent to members also to The Royal West Australian Historical Society in Perth, State Library in Perth and Denmark Historical Society. [Also accessible to members online:  Walpolian].


Continues to be of great interest with Harold updating content regularly – please check it out:

Homestead Inventory 2021

A requirement by Walpole Community Recourse Centre. An updated Inventory of the Homestead contents was forwarded to Cherie Smith 20th July 2021.

WNDHS Insurance Requirement

Certificate of Insurance with Rainbow Coast Insurance Brokers Albany. Renewal was 13th June 2021.

School atlas
Donated Items of Historic Interest

Many and varied items of historic interest continue to be donated to the Society - including an Antique Welder – Lincoln 150 Amp c.1952, donated by a local farmer. 3 x Jarrah crafted pieces, wood obtained from original Swarbrick Jetty, made by Walpole Work Camp 2002. School Books from No 1 School 1946/47 books donated by daughter of the teacher who was at the school during those years.

Library Displays

Library displays are ongoing; the Society arranges displays of historical local interest for our community and visitors to enjoy.

Displays to Power Point


Finger Sign

Historic Site Central Hall – North Walpole Road. Damaged sign was replace by Shire of Manjimup.


2 x easels made by Menshed for the Society.

‘Looking Back With Molly’

Molly Smith advised that after 5 years her final ‘Looking Back With Molly’ would appear in the Walpole Weekly 10th Feb 2021. Our sincere thanks to Molly for her wonderful contribution to the Historical Society over many years.  Looking Back With Molly

Anglican Bishop of Bunbury

Right Reverend Dr Ian Coutts visited Walpole for the first time and a service was held in the Anglican Church Walpole on Sunday 1st August 2021. The Historical Society contributed to this visit with a history display of the Mission House. Jenny Willcox compiled an electronic presentation of Lee Hunter’s poster about Sr. Jane Anderson.

Nornalup History

6479 South Coast Highway Nornalup – Jessica and Robert Spencer owners of the property requested history of their block. After discussion with the Bellanger family information was forwarded to them.

Walpole Museum

Potential Shannon Sheds – Ongoing.

Walpole Bakery Redevelopment

Peter and Linh Nguyen donated a further 5 framed photographs for Walpole’s early history, these photographs now hang in the Homestead.

Storage Room

Arrangements made with Walpole Community Recourse Centre for storage space within the Community Hall area, rental fee of $50 per quarter was agreed. Contents in this storage area are secure.

BTH Ladies Club 60th Anniversary

This celebration was a great success for the BTH Ladies Club held at the Tingledale Hall on 16th June 2021. The Historical Society was not directly involved with this event however book sales on the day were a success.

Tree Top Walk 25th Anniversary
Tree Top Walk 25 anniversary

12th Sept 2021. The Historical Society was invited to attend this event with a stall and displays. Dedication of Syd’s Hut by Tree Top Walk Management. Also a plaque with WNDHS Committee Members names featured. Valley of the Giants

Matt Wrigley

Heather Campbell (Matt's Mother) author of ‘In the Wake of Steam Tug Escort’. Matt informed the article featured in The Great Circle, The Journal of the Australian Association for Marine History.

Group 138 School Site Hazelvale

On receiving information on the possible location of Group 138 School site from Dennis Gilpin and Alicia Johnson and with the permission from the land owner committee members visited and located the exact site 31st October 2021. Most interesting!  News


Our sincere thanks go to Helen and Ian Gallash who generously provide popular homemade Jams, Pickles and Chutneys on sale at Walpole Community Resource Centre.


We thank Walpole CRC for their continued assistance with sales.

Our thanks also to the Walpole Op Shop for funding approved for restoration of the bowser.

Resignation – Committee Member Kathy Broadbent has advised of her resignation from committee. Our grateful thanks go to Kathy for her contribution to the Society.

Committee Member Dawn Martin will move to the position of Curator – Research.

As mentioned at the beginning of my report it has been a successful year for the Society and I would like to thank our valued members for their ongoing support.

Committee – My sincere thanks go to our dedicated committee for their commitment, time and excellent work over the past successful year.

Elizabeth Shaw
Walpole Nornalup and District Historical Society Inc.
5th December 2021.

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