Looking Back

with Molly

Molly Smith at 85 anniversary WLSS
Society Member Molly Smith has contributed another absorbing article Looking Back in the  Walpole Weekly 10 February

 Society Member and Historian Molly Smith speaking at the Society's special event to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Walpole Land Settlement Scheme in 2015.

The Society's President, Elizabeth Shaw, thanked Molly for contributing many articles over the past five years "which have been of great interest and enjoyed by the community and our many visitors". Elizabeth told Molly: "Your regular stories will be missed by us all."
Molly thanked the Society's Curator of Photos (Don Burton) for supplying photos for the many articles over the years. Don said it had been his pleasure to work with Molly and praised her knowledge and thorough analysis for each article.
Manager of the Walpole Community Resource Centre (publishers of the Walpole Weekly), Cherie Smith, thanked Molly for all the wonderful stories and said CRC will give Molly one of the few remaining Walpole coffee table books.
Many of the stories are on  Walpole Online. The Society hopes to arrange with Molly to have all the stories on this website soon.

Committee Meetings

The  committee elected at the AGM on 22 November 2020 met for the first time this year on Friday 15 January 2021 at The Homestead.
New members of the committee: Dawn Martin and Kathy Broadbent were especially welcomed.

Next meeting: 19 March 2021

The committee will not meet in February. The March meeting will be an extended meeting to focus on:
Society plans for 2021 and beyond.

Roger Underwood

The committee has had recent contact with Roger Underwood: forester, writer and historian, who has provided the Society with 2 stories of local historic interest:

Annual General Meeting

The Society held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday 22 November.

The meeting was well attended and included some members who had travelled from Albany. Thank you Diane and Max! New Member John Marshall joined us at the AGM. Welcome John!
With encouragement from member Colin Story the meeting was held in the Community Hall (Supper Room) on the last day of Colin's video exposition:  Between The Trees.
Colin has provided the Society with a copy of all the videos used in the show. Thank you Colin. The committee is now considering ways to exhibit this and its other acquisitions.
Reports were presented at the AGM:
A Special General Meeting just before the AGM agreed to  11 proposed amendments to the Constitution so that it was consistent with the requirements of the  WA Association's Incorporation Act.
The General Meetings were reported in the  Walpole Weekly.

State Library Service

 Photo exhibition

The State Library of Western Australia has been sharing photos from its collection on Facebook:   In 2020 the Library shared some photos of Walpole.
Some of the photos are re-published below:

Walpole Op Shop support

old fuel bowser

The Walpole Op Shop has again come to the support of a local history project.

The Society is working with the Walpole Work Camp to restore this old gravity fed fuel bowser which for many years was used on Don Burton's father's farm in the sixties through to the eighties. The bowser is typical of those in use at the time and originally came from Mobil oil company in Albany. The agent at the time (Frank Sherwood) did a lot of truck work for the Burtons as well as delivering fuel.
gravity fed fuel bowser c1920's
The Op Shop provided funds to purchase decals and parts for its restoration.

What the gravity fed bowser may have looked like once. 

Since 2013 the bowser was on permanent loan to Ian Pumphrey (adding to his collection of old machinery). Ian sold his farm in 2019 and the Society sought the Work Camp's help to restore the old bowser. The Work Camp agreed and the bowser is at the camp being restored. When the restoration work is complete the Society will have an appropriate place to display it.

Royal Western Australian Historical Society Inc

The Society is an affiliate member of  RWAHS.
We receive information including two key regular publications: the monthly newsletter History West and the annual journal Early Days.
The latest History West received by the Society was the  December 2020 issue. and the latest (2019)  Early Days is number #103.

Thank a Volunteer Day

some members at thank a volunteer day
Some of Committee at the event:
Don Burton, Elizabeth Shaw
and Harold Luxton
Dawn Martin at back.
Photo: Cherie Smith.

5 December 2020

The Society was pleased to participate in this event which included the Blessing of the (Emergency Services) Fleet.
It was valuable to have a presence with other volunteer groups each with their own table of information sharing ideas and enlightenment. There was interest in the Society's work and the hall was full of the colour of various groups and services.

Walpole Cemetery

Walpole Cemetery
Curator of Photographs (Don Burton) has kindly taken on the project of maintaining and making available a  catalogue of graves and memorials at the Walpole Cemetery.
This is very valued work that he does and complements information on the  Shire website. It would be good if the Shire acknowledged the work and put a link to it on its own Walpole Cemetery webpage!

Men's Shed: Easels

easels made by men's shed
Easels made by Men's Shed
for the Society's displays.
Thanks to the Walpole Men's Shed for making 2 A-frame easels to help the Society display its exhibits.
The easels will be used to display charts and illustrations at the various exhibitions and presentations organised by the Society.

 Literary Publications Projects

At the end of 2019, the Society received funding from the  Manjimup Shire (Water Corporation Local Hay Harvest fund) for the development, production and printing of local history book(s). The Society is working to re-publish the following local history books:
books illustration
 Champagne and Tingle Trees:
B L A Bellanger; a memoir of the Bellanger family (first published 1980); reprint being arranged.
 Battling the Karri:
A story of the Stewart Family as told to Derek Hands (first published 2007); reprint being arranged.
 Elsie's Creek and Beyond:
Another Derek Hands book relating the Joe and Jim Bax story: reprint being arranged.  Lee Hunter: Remembering Joe Bax 1917-2016
 Tracks in the Sand:
By Mark Channer; revived by Philip Powel (who has now finished his second edit) with newspaper clippings and photos from Mark Channer. A foreword is being arranged and we expect the book to be published soon.
 Beyond the West River:
A typescript by Lee and Geoff Fernie about early settlement around the Deep (previously 'West') River. WNDHS has permission to re-print
 Story of Early Nornalup:
By G.E.J. Bellanger. Liaison with a number of family members has resulted in approval to print this book, together with an addendum by Peter Beck. Photos have been provided by Peter Beck, Justin Bellanger and WNDHS.

State Library of WA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole

SLWA Lady Walpole Rest Point
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. Pierre Bellanger looking out toward Frank Thomson in a boat, Walpole Inlet.
Bridge over Walpole River
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. Bridge on the Walpole River 1922.
REst Point 1946
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. Rest Point, 1946. WA Government Photographer.
Rest Point jettty, 1946
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. Jetty at Walpole Inlet. WA Government Photographer, 1946.
Lad6 Walpole Rest Point 1922
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. The angler's paradise, a scene on the Walpole Inlet. 1922. Ed: The boat is "Wild Wave".  Extract from "Rest Point Remembered (Hands, 2005)"
Walole Pioneer farmhouse 1935
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. Walpole Land Settlement Scheme farm January 1935.
Pioneer Home 1935
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. "Making a start, an unemployed family now with a future ahead of them, Walpole, January 1935" (SLWA caption) Facebook comment: "Marlene's (Bidwell) maternal grandparent's house"
Walpole main street 1954
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. Walpole main street and highway, ca 1948.
Walpole main street ca 1948
©SLWA Timeline Photo Collection: Walpole. Walpole Tea Rooms and Shell service station. 9 September 1954.
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