Further enquiry: Austin Healey Sprite 1959 - 1961

Austin Healey Sprite by Tingle Tree Walpole 1980
As reported in a recent news story , David Matthews, a correspondent from Kent, England is researching the feat of an Austin-Healey Sprite that circumnavigated the globe1959-1961.
We have established that it was in Walpole from a photo of the car near a Tingle Tree:

David has now provided us with some more photos (gallery below) and is seeking our help in identifying the location: which he believes may be somewhere in Australia.

If you can suggest a location, please let us know. and we will pass the information to David.

QUIZ: What is the probable location of these photos?

 Tap to zoom and scroll.
A town in wester Australia?
1) Correspondent writes: A town in Western Australia?
At a guess – Australia?
2) Correspondent writes: At a guess: Australia?
Australia no sign writing  _ children
3) Correspondent writes: Australia no sign writing + children.
Australia we think
4) Correspondent thinks this is somewhere in Australia. Any ideas?
Western Australia Ferry £50 fine smoking
5) Correspondent writes: Western Australia Ferry £50 fine smoking. [Could this be a ferry to Malloy Island, Augusta?].
Sprite Gallery 6
6) We believe this may be the Austin Healey Sprite near the Stirling Range north of Albany. Probably on Chester Pass Road near Amelup, heading south.
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