Wild Wave

Extract from: “Rest Point Remembered” by Derek Hands (2005) p27

While working on the bridges project, Tom became aware of a 26-foot boat lying unused in the Frankland River. It needed a propeller so he carved one out of wood and used the boat this way until he could afford a metal propeller. (It is interesting to note that Harley Swarbrick still has the wooden propeller at his Nedlands residence.) Built in Victoria and chartered to the Western Australian Lands Department, this boat was called Wild Wave. Tom leased the boat and this proved a great bonus because it enabled him to take people on fishing trips, and take members of survey teams to the camps that were opening up right through the area, particularly up the Deep River. Tom was hired to transport food and equipment from Nornalup to these camps, which he did twice a week, down the Frankland River across the inlet and up the Deep River; he estimated he had covered thirteen thousand miles during this two-year contract.

Wild Wave image from Rest Point Remembered
The same photo as in SLWA collection is in Rest Point Remembered
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